Located at the lowest point on earth just a few miles away from the Holy Baptism Site, Karamah-Jordan Valley Farm is an agricultural project established in 2015 by the Integrated Agricultural Projects (IAP) with an area of 500 dunams.

Our team has poured all their love and care into the farming process to bring all the deliciousness and nutritional benefits. We are here to assure you that all our products are free of GMOs and preservatives. Our specialists use the latest agricultural and irrigation methods to maintain the highest quality standards and sustainable practices.

Furthermore, one of our most important criteria is to maintain the confidence of our customers, and we have done this by obtaining the most important global certificates, Global Gap and BRCGs, which confirm our commitment to standards, correct cultivation, and production processes.

Finally, we have divided the cultivation process into four phases: starting with the introduction stage, then caring for the crops, up to germination, and finally, the harvest phase, which results in the production of the finest Medjool dates.

Our Goals

Vision: Become a global leader and innovator in the cultivation of dates, that supports our move towards better nourishment.
Mission: Creating a holistic, sustainable date farming modality, that inspires a conscious journey better health.
Our Values: 
Enriching communities
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