We aim to work in harmony with nature and mirroring its patterns and wisdom.”

Karamah Jordan Valley always strives to leave earth better than how we found. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable for doing what is best for our customers, farmers, and the planet leaving us with no choice but to participate in sustainable practices. It is a tall hierarchy, but we would not like to have it any other way.

Our commitment to sustainability gave us no choice but to participate in attaining Global GAP certification. This certification guides sustainable production practices and ensures the dedication to our worker’s health and safety, high-quality production, and working towards waste reduction. Furthermore, our goal is to reach Zero Waste, as we believe that the only affable waste is zero waste. Impossible? We are optimistic that nothing is impossible, and every day is a new step towards that goal.
  • All our packages are 100% recyclable.
  • We have built an in-house pool that uses the byproducts of fishes as a natural fertilizer.
  • Our trees are grown from a 1st generation tissue culture.
  • We use the accumulation of rainwater to irrigate our trees.
  • We are only a few steps away from utilizing solar panels for our full-on energy production.
  • We ensure safe working conditions, fair wages, and community benefits.
  • We have aimed to provide job opportunities for locals in the area of Jordan Valley.
  • We strive to create a lasting positive impact on our planet and each other.
  • Not forgetting the naturally high O2 percentage in the area of Karamah, that leaves no choice but to elevate our trees’ happy hormones.

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