10 Fun Facts About Dates

Fun facts always leave us in an exciting mood, especially when it comes to knowing about the most anciently cultivated fruit in the world. True that the exact place of origin for palm trees is not entirely known. However, it is assumed to be grown during Mesopotamian times, which dates around 5,000 – 6,000 BC.

Fun Fact #1

Ever wondered where the name dates came from?  Due to its finger-like shape, the fruit is derived from the old French word for “finger” which is “dáktulos.”

Fun Fact #2

Both male and female palms need to be planted, as Medjool dates are harvested by hands. Once the male palm begins to produce pollen, it is gathered from its sheaths and sprinkled all over the female palm flower.

Fun Fact #3

Dates are considered an important source of nutrition.

Fun Fact #4

Dates offer a whole heap of health benefits, it helps regulate blood pressure, improve heart health, promotes brain health, suitable for both diarrhea and constipation.

Fun Fact #5

Excellent for athletic performance, as it provides quick yet steady energy due to its natural sugar content. Besides, it provides athletes with the needed vitamins and minerals.

Fun Fact #6

Palm trees usually reach about 21-23 meters in height.

Fun Fact #7

One of the best energy-boosting food, 50 % of the dried fruit is natural sugar by weight.

Fun Fact #8

Dates are mentioned 20 times in the Qur’an and more than 50 times in the Bible.

Fun Fact #9

Dates were only served for Moroccan royalty. They were considered the most expensive kind of fruit due to the intensity of labor needed to grow and harvest them.

Fun Fact #10

In Rome, dates were planted for looks and symbols of victory.